Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Make Dinner, I'll Make Dessert!

My older brother doesn't cook...but his awesome girlfriend does!
So when they invited me over for dinner, I told them I'd bring dessert.
Only seems fair.

I wanted to create some kind of cookie cupcake combination and decided on heart shaped cookie toppers since there would be 3 couples at this dinner...cute, I know. I'm smart like that.

First, I made a batch of traditional chocolate chip cookies and a batch of white chip chocolate cookies.

After I let them cool a bit, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out hearts from each round cookie.

Try and follow me here on this part...the pictures should help.

I made white chocolate chip cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream frosting and topped them with the white chip chocolate cookies.

I made chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and topped them with the chocolate chip cookies.

I really wanted to put cookie dough at the bottom of each cupcake so that when it baked the result was a cookie bottom and cupcake top...but I let my fear of destroying an entire batch of cookie dough and cupcake batter get the best of me.

I did however, test my idea on a single cupcake in each batch.

Turns out, it would have worked perfectly...so I will have to do a whole batch like this sometime in the future. They were yummy...I enjoyed eating both testers.

To say the least, dinner was awesome...and so was dessert.

I have a feeling I will be invited to dinner a lot more often.

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