Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Baking Wish List

Feel free to buy any of these items for me :)

1. Cupcake Carriers!

You'd think I'd have these already, but I don't.

I want these ones exactly.
They hold 36 cupcakes and ever since I saw that my friend Tina had them and how awesome they are, I have to have my own.

2. Cupcake Timer!
Saw it, Want it.

3. ANY and ALL Cupcake Aprons!

4. Wilton's Cupcake Cake Mold!
I can envision this bad boy on top of a cupcake tower!

5. Cupcake Tower!

Go here:
I'll take any one of them!

6. Donut Cake Pan!

I have a mini donut maker...yet to be used...and maybe if I had this, I would use them both together!

7. Martha Stewart's Cookies Book!

Her Cupcake book is fantastic...I can only imagine what's in this one!

8. This super awesome cupcake end table!
Come on...it's only $750.00!!!

So ya...get to shopping people!!!

Just kidding...kinda.

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