Thursday, May 6, 2010

Banana Caramel Cakes are YUMMY

A friend of mine asked me to make a Banana Cake...something light and fluffy without chocolate.

So I thought of a vanilla banana caramel ice cream I used to get at Coldstone when I was dating a guy who worked there back in High School.
It was sooo yummy...the ice cream, not the guy.

So I decided on a vanilla cake with banana buttercream frosting, fresh bananas and caramel sauce galore.

My first attempt at this cake, didn't go exactly as planned.

My friend unfortunately had to cancel his order, but I went ahead and made the cake for my family on Easter.

It was supposed to be 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of banana filling and frosting.
My cake layers fell apart on me and so it ended up just being a 2 layer cake.
Thank goodness I wasn't getting paid for this one and could pass it off to my family who tell me everything I make is delicious, even if it's not.

I love my family :)

My brother really enjoyed this cake and asked me to make one just for him.
This time I was going to do it right...and make it 4 layers..and I did.

He shared this cake with my parents, grandmother, his girlfriend...and she shared it with her parents and co-workers. My cake got around...and everyone loved it.
So happy :)

I couldn't drizzle the sides with caramel on this one because this cake was going to do a bit of traveling and I didn't want all the bananas to slide I put extra caramel on the middle inside layer instead and did a small drizzle on top.

I asked my brother to snap a picture of the cake once he cut it proof that I made a 4 layer cake!


Tracey Tilson Photography said...

How did you keep your sliced bananas from turning brown? They look as fresh as can be on the finished cake.

Your Happy Baker said...

I did not slice the bananas until the cake was ready to be served!