Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thank You For Making Us Dinner After We Had A Baby Cupcakes!

The week before our son was born, I got a call from the Relief Society president at our local church.
She wanted to know what kind of meals we would like delivered to us the first week home from the hospital. My mother had taken it upon herself to let the church know we were new to the area and having a baby.

I was raised in a large Mormon family and knew that this is exactly the kind of thing members of the church love to do, even for people they don't even know.

We are blessed.

So....after taking 11 weeks to finally write out Thank You cards, I decided cupcakes would sweeten things up and make up for my procrastination.

I decided on simple Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream, not knowing about allergies or any preferences - Vanilla is usually a safe bet.

I wanted them to be pretty and I made a bunch of flowers with Vanilla Fondant.

I piped the Buttercream three different ways, just for fun.

I package the cupcakes in 6 packs, tied them with some matching ribbon and placed the Thank You cards on top.