Tuesday, February 28, 2012

300 Sugar Cookie Hearts


Last year I did 468 with icing and sprinkles.
This time, kids would be decorating them themselves so they were left plain.

I used my most favorite sugar cookie recipe, it's the best.
Try it!

These were being delivered two days before Valentines Day, so they were packaged to stay extra fresh.

That's one of my favorite things about this recipe, you can eat the cookies for more than a week and they stay soft and delicious.

I had some leftovers....well, it wasn't exactly an accident.
I decorated these ones and put them in special boxes for some special people.

My Valentine got some special messages in his box : )

Then...I filled my Cupcake Cookie Jar!

Super Cute Baby Shower

There's a baby girl on the way...and her name is Rylee.
I baked up a bunch of sweets for the Baby Shower.

Chocolate Chunk and White Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes
See the chunks? 

Topped with Pretty Pink Buttercream Roses

Also made a little cake to match.

Then I topped the cupcakes with handmade Purple Chocolate Butterflies

I decorated my square cupcake tower to match the Showers decor, cute huh?
(Sorry, it's a cell phone pic)

And you can never go wrong with Confetti Cake Pop Favors!

I love Baby Showers!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emiley's 1st Birthday

My youngest niece, Emiley turned on on February 1st and I had the honor of making her birthday cakes.

My brother Tony has the biggest sweet tooth in our family, so he requested I use the "real" buttercream on the cakes...meaning the super sweet powdered sugar kind.

I tend to stay away from that buttercream on cakes just because most people prefer a lighter buttercream but I had been looking for an opportunity to try this recipe from i am baker.

White Cake:

Two pretty shades of purple Buttercream:

I attempted to do this, as beautifully done by i am baker....but it didn't work out.
So I did this instead:

For the sheet cake, I took my best shot at this - also done beautifully by i am baker.
It wasn't a total fail but it could have been better.

Here's the BIRTHDAY GIRL...smashing away:

As for the sheet cake...it was still a success.