Monday, December 20, 2010


...and the timer is set for June 30th, 2011.

Yup, I'm pregnant.

So...unfortunately for my customers, this means that not only will I be accepting a fewer amount of orders in the coming months but I will NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY ORDERS in the months of JUNE and JULY.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but I think it's best for both ME and YOU that I am not baking/decorating cakes while 9 months pregnant or with a newborn in my arms.

I already have orders booked through March and I seem to be filling up quicker these days, so to be safe you should contact me the moment you are thinking about an order to ensure I can save the date for you. The more pregnant I get, the less likely I will be taking back to back orders.

Thanks Everyone!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...I have a feeling 2011 is going to be AWESOME!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Love Lucy Carrot Cake

I love my dog, Milli.
She celebrates her first birthday this Saturday so I was happy to hear that someone else loves their dog just as much as me.

My most recent order was for an
I Love Lucy cake that I made previously for my mother, a fanatic of the show.

The customer's dog is named Lucy and he wanted a cake to celebrate the day with his friends and family.

He requested carrot cake with no nuts and cream cheese frosting....YUM.

I used a smaller template to carve two layers of cake to about 10" wide, then filled, stacked and covered the cake in the cream cheese frosting.

Once the frosting was chilled I covered the cake in red fondant and piped on I Love Lucy and a simple border.

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Circus Cake & Cupcakes for a 1st Birthday!

A few months ago, a friend of a friend (the best kind of referrals) contacted me about a cake and cupcakes for her son's first birthday.

The whole party was to be a Circus theme and she wanted an extra special cake to take center stage at the dessert table.

She had originally planned to order a custom made circus theme topper for the cake, but just a couple weeks before the party a mix-up caused that to not happen.

We collaborated a few ideas and she sent me this great sketch of what she was looking for:
(Sovanna, I hope you don't mind - it really is a great drawing!)

Both cakes are white with fresh raspberry filling then covered in raspberry swiss meringue buttercream.

You may have noticed that I always trim the outside edges of my cakes which a lot of bakers don't do because it's messier and makes the cake harder to frost. Personally, I can't imagine biting into a yummy cake then feeling the crunch of a hardened or crispy edge. I'd rather spend the extra time to crumb coat then re-frost the cake so that every bite is soft and delicious. Sometimes, I say bad things under my breath while staying committed to this task but in the end I think it's always worth it knowing the customer will never have a bad bite!

I covered the bottom tier in white fondant and added red stripes.

I covered the top tier in blue fondant and added yellow diamonds, green dots and red letters to spell the Birthday Boy's name, Jackson.

After stacking the cakes (note: this was my first tiered cake), I lined both tiers with gumballs to match the colors of the cake.

I used marshmallows and yellow jelly beans to make the popcorn.
(I went to 3 different stores looking for the multi-colored marshmallows so that I could use the yellow and whites but they were nowhere to be found :(
Funny how I go to the store last night for some sugar and see a whole bunch of them...actually, not funny.

I rolled up a piece of paper and added red ribbon for the cotton candy handle.

Once on-site, I added the toppers and stuck in a few of the rainbow swirl lollipops which were provided by the customer...and the cake was complete!

The cupcakes are Red Velvet, Chocolate and White all with vanilla buttercream frosting. They were kept simple, so that the cake was the main attraction on the dessert table.

Special Thanks to my delivery/set-up assistant who was incredibly hung-over but still came to help me...I love you Amiable!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Butterfly Cake

This order was my opportunity to make it up to my good friend Charlotte, after the whole ice cream cake disaster.

Her youngest daughter wanted a Butterfly cake for her birthday and girl has classy taste!
She requested a Chocolate, Caramel and Coconut combination...YUM.

I found
THIS picture online and used it as my inspiration!

I baked two 9x13 devils food cakes then used a template to carve 8 wing shapes, 2 pieces for each wing.

I filled each wing with milk chocolate ganache, a drizzle of caramel and shredded coconut.

I stacked all the pieces for 4 complete wings and covered them all in caramel swiss meringue buttercream, one of my favorites.

After picking out the orange sprinkles (because my cake had no orange on it) I lined the wings and sprinkled the cake.

Last, I piped the five sections of color onto the wings and added the swirled lollipop for the Butterfly body.

Voila! A Butterfly Cake!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

King Cake...with a Twist

This cake is a just as yummy but different version of my classic King Cake.

The cake is 2 layers white chocolate and 2 layers dark chocolate with alternating layers of fresh raspberry filling and dark chocolate ganache.

The cake is covered in chocolate swiss meringue buttercream rather than the usual raspberry buttercream because this particular cake was for a husband's birthday and his wife thought the pink frosting wasn't a good fit! :)

I poured dark chocolate ganache over the top of the cake and used melted white chocolate to pipe Happy Birthday Jon!, which by the way was the first time I piped directly onto a cake...Thank You Very Much!

Then I lined the bottom of the cake and corners with dark chocolate shavings and fresh raspberries filled with dark chocolate ganache.

I wanted to keep this cake...and eat it all by one sitting....but I didn't.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This being my first Thanksgiving without my family, my boyfriend and I were invited to a friend's house for dinner.

They made dinner and I made dessert :)

THIS picture was my inspiration and I looked at it every five seconds during the whole process. The only thing I wanted to do different was the feathers.

The cake is pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting...super delicious.
I ate many of the carved pieces...because I can.

I stacked four 9" round cakes on top of each other and then carved until I achieved the shape I was looking for. Once I got that done I gave it a light crumb coat and covered the body in chocolate fondant that I mixed with a little bit of white fondant to lighten the brown color.

The feathers were made of colored white fondant and I used the back of a knife to add some markings and then attached 3 feathers each to wooden skewers and let them dry so they would stand straight.

The head is made out of all chocolate fondant with a wood skewer through the body for support.

Although a small challenge to cut and serve, the cake was a great way to end the evening.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

For the first time in my life, I will not be spending Thanksgiving with my family :(

My parents are flying out of town to spend the holiday with my sister and her family. The rest of us are going in various directions, spending the holiday with our friends or family of our significant others.

To fill a little bit of that family void, I decided to make cupcakes for my brothers and sisters and deliver them before the holiday.

There was something extra special about these cupcakes and my family knows what that is...

I saw these....and had to make them, they are just too cool!

The cupcakes are pumpkin spice with cream cheese frosting.

I made an additional two dozen of these bad boys for a new customer who really wanted to impress his girlfriend's family at Thanksgiving can I say no to that?!

I made the pumpkin pie slice toppers out of fondant, piece by piece. The step by step directions were great, I did not have any trouble.

I also saw these a long time ago and have been waiting for November to get here so I could make them!

The cupcakes are chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream.

The trees are made from melted chocolate and fall leaf sprinkles.

Both of these cupcakes were a lot of fun to make...especially for my family :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Strawberry Cake Balls

An old high school friend of my sister's got in touch with me and asked if I could make her some cake balls.....and ship them to TEXAS!

She asked for strawberry cake covered in milk chocolate and drizzled in strawberry coating.


This gave me the chance to whip out my Cake Pops book by Bakerella, my birthday present from my super awesome boyfriend :)

I mixed strawberry frosting with the crumbled strawberry cake and rolled the balls.

I dipped them in milk chocolate and then drizzled them with pink strawberry coating.

I made a couple cake pop samples for her as well.

I packaged them as best as I could anticipating a rough journey to Texas...and I was right.

Best thing about cake balls though...they taste great no matter what they look like!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sometimes you win, Sometimes you Lose...and Sometimes you make an Ice Cream Cake!

When one of my besties asked me if I could make an ice cream cake for her daughter, here's what I told her:

I've never made one before, I'd love to try, so if you feel comfortable taking a chance with me I'd love to give it a shot.

She was brave...and took the chance...and I let her down :(

She asked for a half chocolate, half white cake with chocolate ice cream and a Nick Jr. Backyardigans theme.
Her daughter's favorite character is the penguin.

My plan:
Two layers of each cake on top and bottom with the chocolate ice cream in the middle. Okay, done.

Penguin character topper made with fondant. Okay, done.

Piped stars of the show's six colors to match the logo background.
Okay, done....kinda.

About half way through this process the ice cream started to melt and seep through the sides of the cake, even though I was doing one section at a time and putting the cake in the freezer to keep it as frozen as possible in between each section.

I also struggled with the magenta colored didn't happen and the closest I could get was a dull purple :(

After finishing the cake and putting in back in the freezer with my super sad face, I went to bed really bummed...this was the first time I was unhappy with one of my cakes and there was nothing I could do about it now.

Good thing my friend Charlotte is super awesome....she is still going to be my friend and she is still going to order more cakes from me.

Whew...I'm lucky.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Cake for AC Label Employees

If you follow my blog, you know a couple things about
AC Label:
My sister works there and they get to eat lots of my sweets when I have leftovers.
Her co-workers are some of my biggest fans and I am always happy when one of them places an order.

There have been several birthdays at the office in recent weeks, and one very nice employee wanted to treat each one to a very special cake.

AC Label makes labels...shocking!
Their company colors are black, blue and white.

It was requested that there is some kind of label theme as well as individual cakes or cupcakes for each of the employees celebrating a birthday.

My sister was kind enough to send me some information about how they run the labels on the press machines which clicked right in with the idea I had in my head.

The cake is my most popular...which I have officially named The King Cake after Julie King who pretty much invented it when she placed
this order.

Dark chocolate and white chocolate cake with fresh raspberry and dark chocolate ganache filling, covered in raspberry swiss meringue buttercream and fondant.

I covered the main cake in blue fondant and draped two white pieces of fondant across the top.
I used a small cardboard roll on one side to look like a roll of labels and used the stitch roller thingy to mark where the labels tear off on both rolls.

I used a texture tile on black fondant and cut out a bunch of square "labels" and used melted white chocolate to add the HAPPY BIRTHDAY script and names.
The leftover labels were added to the front and the back of the cake, lining the base - just for fun.

Originally my plan was to make small individual cakes, frosted and covered in fondant with the name labels on top...but after about 2 weeks straight of baking my patience was running a bit low and after one failed attempt, I threw in the towel. It was not my best moment in the kitchen and I'm grateful only my dog witnessed my frustration at these innocent little cakes, but with time running out I opted to make cupcakes.

Each cupcake is dark chocolate, filled with the dark chocolate ganache and fresh raspberry then covered in the raspberry buttercream and covered in blue fondant to match the cake. I tried to make white bows to wrap around the cupcake, but once lack of patience got the best of me and I decided to use these cupcake wraps that I bought a very long time ago and seemed to match the cake perfectly.