Friday, November 19, 2010

Sometimes you win, Sometimes you Lose...and Sometimes you make an Ice Cream Cake!

When one of my besties asked me if I could make an ice cream cake for her daughter, here's what I told her:

I've never made one before, I'd love to try, so if you feel comfortable taking a chance with me I'd love to give it a shot.

She was brave...and took the chance...and I let her down :(

She asked for a half chocolate, half white cake with chocolate ice cream and a Nick Jr. Backyardigans theme.
Her daughter's favorite character is the penguin.

My plan:
Two layers of each cake on top and bottom with the chocolate ice cream in the middle. Okay, done.

Penguin character topper made with fondant. Okay, done.

Piped stars of the show's six colors to match the logo background.
Okay, done....kinda.

About half way through this process the ice cream started to melt and seep through the sides of the cake, even though I was doing one section at a time and putting the cake in the freezer to keep it as frozen as possible in between each section.

I also struggled with the magenta colored didn't happen and the closest I could get was a dull purple :(

After finishing the cake and putting in back in the freezer with my super sad face, I went to bed really bummed...this was the first time I was unhappy with one of my cakes and there was nothing I could do about it now.

Good thing my friend Charlotte is super awesome....she is still going to be my friend and she is still going to order more cakes from me.

Whew...I'm lucky.

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Charlotte said...

OMG Stop being so damn hard on yourself! This cake was amazing.