Monday, November 1, 2010

Lego Man Cake

A friend of a friend asked if I could make a Lego Man cake for her son's birthday, she had the mold already but was nervous to try and make the cake herself.

White cake with chocolate frosting, covered in fondant.

She told me the silicone cake mold was small and that she was making cupcakes for the kids.

Could she make it any easier for me? I think not.

Once I got my hands on the mold...I was surprised at how small it really was!

This was my first experience with a silicone cake mold and it was interesting to say the least.
The instructions say you don't need to use baking spray...but I did after the first cake stuck to the silicone and fell apart.

Since the mold was so small, this made the cake extra fragile.

Once I got the Lego Man cooled and out of the mold, ideas started running wild in my head...

What if I chopped off his hands and made them out of fondant?

What if I made him standing up rather than laying down like a dead Lego Man?
What if I put him on top or next to a Lego piece?

So...I chopped him into pieces and got started.

Children, avert your eyes.

The birthday boy wanted black pants and a blue shirt, so I decided on a red lego for back support.

The six round pieces are individual cake pieces frosted and covered in fondant before being attached the the Lego block.

I didn't dare try and make this Lego Man stand up head to toe, so I opted for him sitting against the Lego.
I used a wooden dowel through the head and body for support.

I cut off the top neck and top round piece on the head and used fondant instead after a complete head redo.

The hands curved well over a spatula handle overnight but didn't want to stay attached to the arm, hence the random red ball under each hand.

Overall, this cake kinda drove me crazy but in the end the birthday boy was pleased and so was I.


Mom and Dad said...

Sooooooo COOL!! You are amazing!!

Getting ideas as i go along in life said...

hi i love your lego cake... my husband and son love lego... and my husband bday is coming i will love to do this cake...where did your friend got the mold from...

Your Happy Baker said...

I am not sure where she purchased the mold but I bet you can find it through a Google search. Good Luck!