Monday, April 25, 2011

Relocation of Services

As of Saturday, April 23rd...I am a resident of the San Joaquin County.

I will continue to take orders from all over the Bay Area but keep in mind that those of smaller size will require a delivery fee.

I am preparing for my last month of orders before my baby stay tuned!

As a reminder, I am not accepting any orders in the months of June and July due to the birth of my son.

I will begin accepting new orders in August and already have a few special events in the works.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Love Priti Bridal Shower

A customer was throwing an I Love Lucy themed Bridal Shower and requested the I Love Lucy cake for the event, except she wanted it to read: We Love honor of the Bride-to-Be!

It is a carrot cake with no nuts, filled and frosted with cream cheese buttercream.

I covered the cake with red buttercream fondant and used a template for the wording. I used the closest font I could find to match the one used for the actual logo.

I poked small holes through the paper onto the fondant, like you do when carving a pumpkin and I used the dotted outline as a guide to pipe on the wording.

And done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Cake Tasting

My first order after the birth of my son is in August, for a friend's wedding...and it's a big one!

There will be a 5-tier Wedding Cake...non-edible except for the top tier, 4 Sheet Cakes to serve the 200+ guests and a Stanley Cup Groom's Cake.

So....I had 3 samples to show the bride and groom:

1. Devil's Food Chocolate Cake filled and frosted with Chocolate Ganache and covered in White Fondant (Wedding Sheet Cake)

The tasting cake was given a couple different borders around the bottom as options for the sheet cakes since they will not have ribbon like the non-edible wedding cake.

I also brought small samples of Chocolate Buttercream for tasting in case the bride and groom felt the Ganache alone was too rich.

2. White Cake filled with fresh Raspberry Preserves, frosted with Raspberry Buttercream and covered in Silver painted Fondant (Stanley Cup Groom's Cake)

I decorated this tasting cake with some black and teal fondant, just for fun.

3. Non-edible top tier dummy cake covered in White Fondant and wrapped with 2 ribbon options, a pearl white and a white shear overlay.

After tasting the cakes and making no changes to what they had originally ordered, we went over all the specifics....and the bride and groom decided to go with 5 tiers instead of 4.

Here's what their cake looks like....NAKED!

Stay tuned to see what it looks like all dressed up and beautiful in August.

San Jose Sharks Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes last year during playoffs and when my brother asked me to make him some for a party this year...I figured I might as well make it an annual tradition!

The cupcakes are white cake topped with white chocolate buttercream.

I filled the piping bag with 1/2 white buttercream and 1/2 teal buttercream for a swirl effect.

I made black shark fins out of fondant and used some jersey cupcake picks I bought a long time ago from my local cake store.

Sometimes...I think I am a photographer so I stage my photos, humor me.

Thursday is the first playoff game for the Sharks vs. the Kings...and I will be cheering them on!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Brown Bag Birthday Cake

Okay, try to follow me here...

Rachel, my fourth sister who I made the Hawaiian Cake for is married to Dustin who has a sister named Corrin who is celebrating her birthday today!

Rachel wanted to surprise Corrin with a small personal cake, something near and dear to her heart....the Bloomingdale's Little Brown Bag!

Rachel was able to give me an actual bag to work off of and Corrin was able to think I was a weirdo who collects bags for some reason.

The cake is Red Velvet with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

I covered it in colored Vanilla Fondant with 3 separate pieces: one covering both sides and the top then two pieces for each face of the bag.

Last week was pretty hot and this made it impossible for me to wrap the handles in matching fondant to match the cake, so I opted to use paper-wrapped wire just like on the real bag.

I rolled and cut several thick strips of white fondant and placed them one by one on top of the cake to look like tissue paper.

I used a mixture of chocolate/vanilla fondant to duplicate the writing on the bag.

Once that was done, I decided some pearl sprinkles would add a nice finishing touch to the tissue paper.

Rachel also asked for a dozen cupcakes...Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting so I used the same sprinkles on them.

I wanted to make mini Little Brown Bag cupcakes with handles and all...but the cake was just to delicate to stick the wire handles inside. Bummer.

Rachel loved the cake...and so did the Birthday Girl...that's all that matters!

Happy Birthday Corrin!