Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Brown Bag Birthday Cake

Okay, try to follow me here...

Rachel, my fourth sister who I made the Hawaiian Cake for is married to Dustin who has a sister named Corrin who is celebrating her birthday today!

Rachel wanted to surprise Corrin with a small personal cake, something near and dear to her heart....the Bloomingdale's Little Brown Bag!

Rachel was able to give me an actual bag to work off of and Corrin was able to think I was a weirdo who collects bags for some reason.

The cake is Red Velvet with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

I covered it in colored Vanilla Fondant with 3 separate pieces: one covering both sides and the top then two pieces for each face of the bag.

Last week was pretty hot and this made it impossible for me to wrap the handles in matching fondant to match the cake, so I opted to use paper-wrapped wire just like on the real bag.

I rolled and cut several thick strips of white fondant and placed them one by one on top of the cake to look like tissue paper.

I used a mixture of chocolate/vanilla fondant to duplicate the writing on the bag.

Once that was done, I decided some pearl sprinkles would add a nice finishing touch to the tissue paper.

Rachel also asked for a dozen cupcakes...Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting so I used the same sprinkles on them.

I wanted to make mini Little Brown Bag cupcakes with handles and all...but the cake was just to delicate to stick the wire handles inside. Bummer.

Rachel loved the cake...and so did the Birthday Girl...that's all that matters!

Happy Birthday Corrin!