Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Cake Tasting

My first order after the birth of my son is in August, for a friend's wedding...and it's a big one!

There will be a 5-tier Wedding Cake...non-edible except for the top tier, 4 Sheet Cakes to serve the 200+ guests and a Stanley Cup Groom's Cake.

So....I had 3 samples to show the bride and groom:

1. Devil's Food Chocolate Cake filled and frosted with Chocolate Ganache and covered in White Fondant (Wedding Sheet Cake)

The tasting cake was given a couple different borders around the bottom as options for the sheet cakes since they will not have ribbon like the non-edible wedding cake.

I also brought small samples of Chocolate Buttercream for tasting in case the bride and groom felt the Ganache alone was too rich.

2. White Cake filled with fresh Raspberry Preserves, frosted with Raspberry Buttercream and covered in Silver painted Fondant (Stanley Cup Groom's Cake)

I decorated this tasting cake with some black and teal fondant, just for fun.

3. Non-edible top tier dummy cake covered in White Fondant and wrapped with 2 ribbon options, a pearl white and a white shear overlay.

After tasting the cakes and making no changes to what they had originally ordered, we went over all the specifics....and the bride and groom decided to go with 5 tiers instead of 4.

Here's what their cake looks like....NAKED!

Stay tuned to see what it looks like all dressed up and beautiful in August.

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