Tuesday, April 12, 2011

San Jose Sharks Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes last year during playoffs and when my brother asked me to make him some for a party this year...I figured I might as well make it an annual tradition!

The cupcakes are white cake topped with white chocolate buttercream.

I filled the piping bag with 1/2 white buttercream and 1/2 teal buttercream for a swirl effect.

I made black shark fins out of fondant and used some jersey cupcake picks I bought a long time ago from my local cake store.

Sometimes...I think I am a photographer so I stage my photos, humor me.

Thursday is the first playoff game for the Sharks vs. the Kings...and I will be cheering them on!



NT said...

this is so great! Curious how you got the frosting to be that teal color?

Your Happy Baker said...

Thank You! I use Wilton's gel food coloring :)