Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Birthday Cake

A friend from High School asked me to make her twin boys a Halloween themed cake for their 1st Birthday.
She sent me a few pictures...wanted the top tier from one cake, bottom tier from another and the topper from another but she also gave me creative go ahead...

She requested marble cake with chocolate buttercream.

This was my first time making marble cake...and it was fun. See:

I filled and frosted both tiers with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.

Then....I decided I was going to make my own fondant from scratch.
I used Wilton's marshmallow fondant recipe.
My tip: SIFT YOUR POWDERED SUGAR or you will have lumpy fondant.
I also only used between 6-7 cups of powdered sugar, not 8.
I made my fondant and used it the same day without any problems.

I am very grateful it worked out well, because I didn't have a back-up plan.
I will probably be making my own fondant from now on.
I feel cool.

I used Rice Krispy Treats to shape two witch hats, two headstones and a ghost body.
I gave each treat a thin coating of the buttercream just to smooth it out a little bit.

After that...I covered everything in fondant and got to decorating.

Happy Birthday Jett and Chase!!!

Freddy Krueger Birthday Cake

Remember this cake?
Well, this birthday boy wanted another spooky cake for his party and this time he wanted Freddy Krueger's famous glove.

The cake is Red Velvet, filled and frosted with Cream Cheese Buttercream - must be his favorite.

I carved out a collar and made the cake look like Freddy's sweater by covering it with red and black fondant.

I used Rice Krispy Treats to shape a hand, then covered it with some fondant and gumpaste.
I brushed the whole thing with a little bit of silver to give it a metal look.

Then, I literally took a knife a cut the claw marks going down the cake.

Once everything was in it's place, I used some whisked Raspberry Jam and food coloring for the blood and made a mess.

Happy Birthday Gage!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Junior Huskies Cheerleading

My niece Hailey is a cheerleader...and a damn good one if I do say so myself!
Here she is shaking her hips!

She asked me if I would make her team cupcakes the next time they were in my area for a game, and of course I said yes!

She was very specific about what she wanted...footballs and pom poms.
Well, she got the footballs.

I decided that I just wouldn't be happy with fondant pom poms, so I opted not to make them unless they were going to look good and be satisfactory to Hailey...she would definitely let me know if they weren't.

Hailey cheers for the Fremont Junior Huskies and their colors are Orange, Black and White.

I had made orange, white and black buttercream and hoped to make them really cool looking by blending them together for a swirl effect...but it didn't work out so great.

So...after piping this color combo on a dozen cupcakes, I scraped it off and made a new clean batch of white buttercream.

Here's Ethan hanging out with me while I pipe on the new buttercream.
I love him, he's so cute.

A dozen cupcakes got the white buttercream, some orange and black sprinkles and fondant toppers.

The other dozen cupcakes got green buttercream grass and chocolate fondant football toppers.

The girls ate them all up and all said "THANK YOU, ERIN" in unison up to the bleachers where I was sitting...and taking pictures.

I asked my niece to step aside so I could get a photo of her alone, and she posed like this.
I love her.