Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love Lucy cake because I Love My Mom!

My mother is a I Love Lucy fanatic, always has been.

She has collected I Love Lucy items my whole life and has a whole room devoted to the show.
We call it the I Love Lucy room...shocker, huh?

My mother celebrated her 63rd Birthday on the 20th and since I couldn't make it out to Stockton to see her during the week, the family celebrated yesterday.

I wanted to make her something special...and I couldn't go wrong with I Love Lucy.

When I asked my Dad what kind of cake she'd like, he told me white cake with caramel something.
First, I planned to make my popular caramel banana cake but then I realized I had a packet of Cheesecake Mousse mix that I'd been waiting for an opportunity to use...and this was my opportunity!

I printed the show logo and used it to carve the same heart shape for the cake.
I wanted it to be as much like the real thing as possible...I was dealing with a fanatic here!

Then I piped the cheesecake mousse into the center and doused it with caramel sauce!

This cake was super easy to frost...which came as a surprise.
I covered the cake in vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

Then, I covered it in red fondant.

I placed the logo on top of the fondant covered cake and went over the "I Love Lucy" with a pen as a guide, because I have made it no secret that my free hand writing is not the best.
I opted to pipe dots...well because that's easier to not screw-up.

I asked my boyfriend to take some "action shots" of me decorating the cake since I rarely have any because I'm usually the one taking the photos.

Apparently, this is an "action shot." Silly, boyfriend.

My sister and I also got my Mom a collector's bottle of I Love Lucy wine for her birthday, to go with the cake :)

She loved them both.

Happy Birthday Ma Mere!!!

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Mom and Dad said...

This "fanatic" Mom LOVED this very special cake! I AM a die-hard Lucy fan and this cake was perfect for my birthday!!! What special daughters I am blessed to have! We haven't yet opened the wine, but..........