Sunday, February 5, 2012

Emiley's 1st Birthday

My youngest niece, Emiley turned on on February 1st and I had the honor of making her birthday cakes.

My brother Tony has the biggest sweet tooth in our family, so he requested I use the "real" buttercream on the cakes...meaning the super sweet powdered sugar kind.

I tend to stay away from that buttercream on cakes just because most people prefer a lighter buttercream but I had been looking for an opportunity to try this recipe from i am baker.

White Cake:

Two pretty shades of purple Buttercream:

I attempted to do this, as beautifully done by i am baker....but it didn't work out.
So I did this instead:

For the sheet cake, I took my best shot at this - also done beautifully by i am baker.
It wasn't a total fail but it could have been better.

Here's the BIRTHDAY GIRL...smashing away:

As for the sheet was still a success.

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