Thursday, May 6, 2010

Muffin? Nope. Martha Stewart says it's a CUPCAKE....

...and whatever Martha says goes.

I bought myself this book for Christmas.

It wasn't until I got an order for some Banana Muffins that I finally used one of her recipes.

My customer was very specific about what he wanted:

A light and fluffy muffin with no oats, nuts or garnishes and a light banana cream frosting.

I had told him about my banana caramel cake...and he asked for a muffin/cupcake version of that cake, minus the caramel.

So I chose Martha's Banana Pecan Cupcake recipe because she described it as very moist and delicious with or without the pecans.

I used the same banana buttercream recipe as I did on my banana caramel cake.

I've been working on my photography skills...can you tell?

I chopped up some pecans and put them in a separate bag with the order just in case they wanted to sprinkle some on top, as I knew they would be shared with co-workers.

I took a batch to work myself and shared with my co-workers.

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