Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love Cookies

I had an order for Valentine's Day cookies and pulled out my favorite sugar cookie recipe.

I also wanted to make M&M cookies using the pink, red and white candies they sell during February and make them heart-shaped as well.

So, I used my same method as before by baking regular circle shaped M&M cookies and cutting the hearts out after the cookies had cooled a bit.
Note: Always PLACE the M&Ms on top of the cookie dough, don't mix it into the dough or the M&Ms will not look pretty once the cookies are baked! I learned this the hard way.

Then comes the chocolate...and lots of it.

I am a huge fan of melting chocolate...specifically made for candy making and melting for drizzling and dipping.

I bought white, pink and red colored chocolate and drizzled away.

You can't see it very well in this picture...but that's my fridge full of cookies.

I drizzled the backs of all the M&M cookies for looks but also for reinforcement.

I drizzled, dipped and sprinkled the sugar cookies in various ways so that my order had a large variety of cookies.

I bagged the leftovers and shared them with my co-workers for Valentine's Day.

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