Wednesday, May 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Cookie Bags

I had an order for a dozen St. Patrick's Day cookie bags.

Once again, I pulled out my favorite sugar cookie recipe.

I also wanted to make some chocolate cookies with green mint chips...since I would be making some mint candies for these cookie bags as well as for cupcake toppers.

The sugar cookies came out usual.

The chocolate mint chip cookies...not so much.

They looked great coming out of the oven (the second time around after I burned the green mint chips in the first batch) but once I tried using the cookie cutter on these guys they completely fell apart.
...and I could not repair them no matter what I did.

So...instead of having all clover shaped cookies, the chocolate mint chip cookies ended up being a simple round shape.

I whipped out my favorite melting chocolates again and drizzled away, using the mint chips for drizzling as well.

Some St. Patrick's Day sprinkles added a nice touch to some of theses the were too fragile for dipping due to their shape.

Amiable made some green chocolate and mint clovers for me and we added a couple to each bag and the order was ready to go!

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