Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gooooooo Sharks!!!

If you know me at know I am a HUGE San Jose Sharks fan. HUGE!

Tonight is Game 4 of Round 2 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and to celebrate a great season and a great post-season so far...I wanted to make some festive cupcakes to show my support!

I made these super awesome cupcakes to share with my friends and family...because we are ALL Shark fans.

These are vanilla cupcakes filled and frosted with white chocolate buttercream frosting, topped with a black fondant shark fin.

I made a batch of mini cupcakes too...just so that I could take this picture.

Well, also so that I snacked on these - not the leftovers.

These are milk chocolate cupcakes filled and frosted with creamy peanut butter buttercream frosting, topped with a chocolate peanut butter hockey puck. (Made by Amiable)

The last batch of pucks did not come out too well, so I chopped them up and sprinkled some of the leftover cupcakes then handed out some sample boxes to a few friends.


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