Friday, June 25, 2010

SKULL Birthday Cake...that I wanted to keep for myself.

The last couple of years I have fallen in love with skulls.
Random? Yes...but I just think they are so cool.

My friend Charlotte asked for a skull cake for her husband's birthday.
I think I was more excited about making it then she was ordering it.

I was given the total creative go ahead on this order.
Her only requests were some black and a combination of chocolate and vanilla.

I have been wanting to make chocolate mousse and this seemed to be a great opportunity.

The cake is chocolate with chocolate mousse filling.
All the frosting is vanilla buttercream.

The cake's edges were dripped with chocolate ganache that I darkened with black coloring.
The skulls on each side are molded with white chocolate.

Happy Birthday Preston!
Skulls Rock!


Melissa Irene said...

You don't know how happy I am about this post! I'm making a skull cake for my good friend and I've found ZERO inspiration for the skull I want to put on top.

I am not a big blogger but I am an aspiring baker and culinary student. I just wanted to give you some positive feedback and tell you that your work is absolutely beautiful! Take care xo

Your Happy Baker said...

Thank You, Melissa! Good luck on your cake and have fun with it :)

jeanbean444 said...

I'm a collector of skull/skeleton paraphernalia and have always wanted a skull cake. This cake looks amazing!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Great work!

Skull Girl

Your Happy Baker said...

Thank You, Skull Girl! :)