Friday, June 11, 2010

Cake Balls & Pops

I saw these on
Bakerella and had to make them, so I did!
She has soooo many amazing ideas on her site, you should check it out.

I baked two small Red Velvet cakes, then added cream cheese.
It was way hard to mix together with a spatula, so I used my hands.
Gloves are definitely a great idea!

I was able to make more than 50 balls.
I made the pop balls larger than the cake balls because I wanted to be able to fit as many cake balls as possible into the chocolate boxes.

I dipped and rolled the cake balls in regular milk chocolate melts and red chocolate melts then drizzled some squigglies on top of each one for good looks...and to cover up some of the bumps.
After they cooled and hardened I put each cake ball in a mini cupcake liner then boxed them up!

I dipped the cake pops in regular milk chocolate melts and white chocolate melts then sprinkled them for extra coolness.

You should definitely have a piece of styrofoam to place the pops in while they cool.
I did not...and had to substitute a box with holes in it...which didn't work very well.
Once they were cooled and hardened I wrapped them up and tied them with red ribbon.

They are super yummy and the possibilities are endless.
I am looking forward to trying these bad boys in all different cakes and flavors.

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Mom and Dad said...

Wow!! What's left to say? They are beautiful!!!