Monday, February 28, 2011

Happily Ever After.....Divorce!

Sometimes, your divorce is the best day of your in point with my most recent cake order.

My ever faithful friend Charlotte who has order numerous cakes from me, asked if I'd be interested in making a Divorce Cake for her friend who was throwing a Birthday/Divorce party.

Ummmm....yes, please!

She sent me this picture and requested I do something just like it because she loved the whole chopped off head deal with all the blood :)

I wish I knew who made this cake so I could give them credit for the inspiration it gave me to do my version of the cake, but I couldn't find a link to the direct source of the picture :(

Since the party was being hosted at a night club, Charlotte requested it be on the smaller side - not knowing how many people would stop dancing to eat some cake. She also wanted Red Velvet, to go along with the whole bloody theme.

I made six 9" round cakes, 3 layers for each tier.
I filled and frosted both tiers with chocolate ganache instead of the traditional cream cheese because I knew this cake needed to hold it's shape and sit out for a few hours, something cream cheese isn't ideal for.

I covered both tiers in white fondant and used royal icing to pipe on some not to pretty decorations...definitely need more practice in that department.

I rolled lots of round fondant balls and then dusted them with pearl dust for a pretty shine which I used to line both tiers of the cake.

I used seedless raspberry jam whisked with red and a drop of blue food coloring until I got a runny bloody texture...raspberry goes well with red velvet and chocolate.

I purchased some inexpensive Bride and Groom toppers from my favorite local place,
The Cake Works because they carry a massive amount of Wedding supplies on top of all the cake supplies they have. I needed toppers that were separate and not connected as well as not insanely expensive or fancy since I was going to do some decapitating.

I brought my little Groom to work and asked one of our guys to kindly chop his head off.

Then I shaved down the Bride's bouquet and painted the excess green paint white to match her dress. I took small bits of red fondant and glued them to both the headless Groom's body and his head then used a thumb tack to give it some fleshy texture.

Then...I glued his head to the bride so it appeared as though she was holding that in her hand instead of the bouquet. Love it.

Since this cake was coming from my house going to Charlotte's house, then to the club for the party...I knew that just placing these toppers on the cake wasn't going to work. So I used wooden skewers as long picks to go through the entire top tier serving as good support for all the traveling.

Once the Bride and headless Groom were in place on top of the was time for the fun part...blood, blood and then some more blood.

And my work is complete!

Here are some photos from the party:

That's my buddy Charlotte, she is super awesome.

This is the newly single Birthday Girl, Trina with her cake and toppers :)

See...I told you it was Red Velvet :)


Andrea said...

I have read your blog countless times because of the amazing work you do .So when we needed a cake we knew who to use . Not only did the cake look amazing it tasted just as good .I will recommend using you to everyone I know !!!Thanks Again Erin :)

Your Happy Baker said...

Thank You Andrea! I love happy customers!!!

Charlotte said...

I'm beyond impressed and proud of my little e-rock. That cake was AMAZING. It traveled perfectly, was absolutely stunning and was HELLA good. Hello can we talk about how good my make up looks in that picture? hehehe love.

The Exile said...

This is awesome. The idea and your craft.
Great job!