Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Microphone Cake for Suprise 25th Birthday Party

One of my regular customers was planning a surprise party at Dave & Busters for her boyfriend's 25th birthday and she wanted a special cake for her musician man.

She sent me this picture and asked me to recreate with cake:

The cake is chocolate...

filled with vanilla buttercream...

carved and shaped...

then covered in more vanilla buttercream.

I colored two batches of vanilla fondant, a light gray and a dark gray and covered the entire cake. I used royal icing to add the lines on the microphone top, which is probably the only part of this cake I am not crazy about...just because it didn't come out as clean as I wanted.

I painted almost the entire cake in silver using silver pearl dust and vodka.

GS1986 is the birthday boy's initials and birth year.

I added Happy 25th to the cake board using black vanilla fondant and brushed them with a diluted mixture of the silver pearl dust and paint, just because.

Happy 25th Birthday!

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