Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st Birthday Cake

Finally an opportunity to use my giant cupcake silicone baking pan! I bought it online months and months ago and haven't used it yet. I wanted the Wilton one, of course...but it cost almost $40.00 and this bad boy was $6.95.

I also bought a giant doughnut pan....so someone order a doughnut cake please!

Anyways...I was sent a picture of cake and asked if I could do something like it.
It was for a little girl's 1st Birthday.

The customer requested chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.

The bottom tier was two layers, covered in buttercream fondant.

The bows and curls are a mixture of fondant and gumpaste, colored and positioned for their shape which took a day to dry.

The #1 is also a mixture of fondant and gumpaste, to ensure it would hold up and not flop over.
I made two numbers exactly the same and placed a wooden skewer between the layers which will serve as a pick that will go into the top of the giant cupcake.

The giant cupcake was placed in the center on top of the bottom tier.
It was covered in strips of alternating pink and purple pieces of fondant with star piping in between the pieces - which is my one regret. I wish I would have left the small gaps of white fondant showing, rather than piping in between.

I piped the vanilla buttercream is small roses on top of the cupcake for a realistic cupcake look.

The bows and curls were added on both sides of the cupcake and stayed in place without much work.

EMILY, the fondant balls lining the cake and most of the dots on the bottom tier were touched up with a bit of pearl dust.

EMILY and the #1 were dotted with some white decorating icing.

and done!

This cake had some traveling to do, so I had to make sure it was boxed correctly for safe travel.
Of course the #1 topper had to come off and the cake had to go into a box sideways.
I cut off two of the box flaps and left two which would only close half way, which works well so that you can keep an eye on the cake.

I am currently hating the new light bulb that went into my kitchen light...it gives all my cakes a yellow tint. Me no likey.

I will be taking care of that this week.


random girl in angola said...

hello, when u put the giant cupcake on top, did u have to put cardboard on top of the cake or a dowel?

Your Happy Baker said...

I use boards and dowels on all my stacked cakes, it's safest.