Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Cookies...40 Dozen of them!

I got a last minute call from a customer a couple weeks before Valentine's Day asking if I could make 39 DOZEN cookies for some preschoolers...the baker who had the order was going out of business.

My schedule was and is already pretty tight until the baby arrives, but I couldn't turn down an order for preschoolers!

The customer requested heart shaped sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles, nice and simple - nothing fancy.

Thank goodness...because with that many cookies, who knows how long it would have taken me!

I prepared all the dough and had it chill for a day in the refrigerator.
I had to multiply my recipe by 10!
I managed to fit all the dough in these two containers....which I proceeded to drop on my foot when pulling them out of the refrigerator for this picture.

I decided to use two different cookie cutters for the order, one basic heart and one with a ridged edge.

I baked 1/2 the cookies on Friday and the other 1/2 on Saturday.

Half way through baking on Saturday, lost in my routine of pulling one sheet from the oven and popping in a new sheet to bake - I picked up a hot sheet with my bare hand, burning all 5 of my fingers.

Needless to say, I took a break - not only because I was clearly in need of one, but because it's kinda hard to roll cookies dough, cut cookies and bake them with one hand.

Sunday was all about decorating.

I used red and white royal icing and an assortment of different sprinkles and color combinations.

The icing had to set for about an hour before I could stack and box the cookies, so it made for a long day since I was only allowed to do so many cookies at once.

I used every inch of counter space and appreciated the breaks in between each batch.

I boxed the cookies up, 10 dozen to each box.
I rounded up to 40 dozen, just because.

I delivered the cookies this morning to the Preschool.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Quirky Jessi said...

Wow, that's incredible. So many cookies! I hope the burns weren't too bad on your hand. :(

Your Happy Baker said...

No worries...just needed a break and had a bit of tenderness for the rest of the day, nothing serious! :)

irmaisabel said...

Thank you for all your hard work! The cookies where a blast! Everyone single preschooler ate them!!!!