Monday, February 7, 2011


This weekend was my friend's 31st Birthday party.
His wife asked me to make him a cake...with a Casino (the movie) theme because he loves that movie.

We threw around some ideas that would ensure the whole mafia tones came through without putting machine guns on the cake but also the Casino theme without it looking like a poker cake.

The cake itself was white cake with vanilla buttercream and fresh banana filling.

I kept the cake covered in just buttercream and no fondant, for a more traditional look and because I think it just tastes better.

The black pinstripe tie, cigar, dice and poker chips were all made with fondant.
I tried to incorporate the number 31 wherever I could, can you tell?

His wife came up with the verbiage...ain't it cute?

I am still working on my hand-piping writing skills...bear with me.

I used gold sparkle piping gel to write CASINO on the front side of the cake, like the movie title...kinda...except crooked.

I was also asked to make a small chocolate cake for a nephew who was also celebrating his birthday at the party.

It is devil's food cake with chocolate buttercream and ganache, topped with some chocolate squiggly thingies.

Here are some lovely cell phone pictures from the party for ya:


Quirky Jessi said...

Those "chocolate squiggly things" look so cool. Were they made of just chocolate or do you know? I want, hehe.

Your Happy Baker said...

Yes, they are just chocolate. I melted the chocolate chips and piped the random designs onto wax paper and popped them in the fridge until they were firm enough to handle. Super easy!

Quirky Jessi said...

Such an easy way to step it up. Love it!! Thank you. :D