Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Amiable!!!

Yesterday, my sister and best friend Amy (whom I call Amiable) turned 24!!!

She has been in Reno for the past few days celebrating with her boyfriend. While they were away (they come home today) I took care of their cats. By "took care" I mean refilling their water bowl once a day, super difficult. ;)

I figured I'd bake her up a cake and leave it in her fridge as a surprise when she gets home.

She is in LOVE with my peanut butter frosting so I knew right away I would be incorporating that into her cake.

I decided on a Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge cake....YUMMY.
You see, she and I both inherited the Chocolate gene from my parents so naturally chocolate fudge cake won over any other flavor and it goes perfectly with the peanut butter.

The cake is 4 layers with peanut butter buttercream filling.

It is covered in milk chocolate ganache and topped with a few swirls of the peanut butter buttercream.

I'm pretty sure I will paying her a visit tonight so that I can have a slice myself - I wouldn't want her to have to eat this whole thing by herself. What kind of older sister would I be if I did that?

I slipped the cake into her fridge on the top shelf with a little message.

Happy Birthday Amiable!
I love you!

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