Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soccer Ball Birthday Cake

Monday evening I got a call from a friend of a friend who needed a Birthday cake for a party tonight.

She requested a soccer ball cake...preferably a dome or round one.

I knew Wilton made a dome soccer ball mold, so I told her no problem.

She wanted both chocolate and white cake with fresh strawberries in the filling.

After accepting the order, I quickly realized the dome cake could not be split, let alone filled with anything then reassembled so I proposed a base cake underneath which could be layered.

Note: These dome cakes take forever to bake and are a challenge to trim and level. I was happy though that the cake cooked all the way through and was not burnt or hard on the outside. These molds come with their own instructions for the decorating which was very helpful, but I had to do some research as far as tips for the actual baking part.

I chopped the strawberries up so that the cake would cut easier.

Then I drizzled a little bit of strawberry glaze over the top before placing the second layer.

I wanted to do more than just grass so I decided to make the sides of the base cake brown to look like dirt and then grass on top around the soccer ball.

I attempted to put chocolate sprinkles around the base to add to the dirt effect...but it's not so easy to do so.

Overall, I am pleased with the results and I hope they enjoy it!

Coming up later this week:
Wow Wow Wubbzy Cake, Graduation Cake & 150 Cupcakes!


Monique said...

Hello I wanted to do this cake for my boyfriends bday is it possible you can explain the method and the exact ingredients..Thank you:)

Your Happy Baker said...

You will need to purchase the Wilton soccer ball dome cake pan. It comes with the grooves and lines to guide you in decorating as well as instructions.
I baked (2) 9" cakes and (1) dome cake.
I used the star tip to pipe the white and black sections on the soccer ball.
I used a grass tip to pipe on the green grass.
I used a regular frosting knife for the brown portion.
Good Luck!

Monique said...

Thank you soo much for your advice this is how my version turned out i didnt having the gel to pipe out the lines but im happy with it inspired by valencia(soccer team) :)