Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Husband!

My Husband turned 31 this year...and when I asked him if he wanted a cake for his birthday - I was expecting his usual "No Thanks" response because he never eats any of my sweets. He just doesn't have a sweet tooth like me.

So when he said "Yes." I was shocked.
I continued to be shocked when he told me he wanted "something with strawberries".

You got it, hubby.

I baked a Vanilla cake, whipped up some Vanilla Swiss Merinuge Buttercream, added Strawberry Jam to a couple cups of buttercream, sliced up some fresh strawberries...and built him a little cake.

I saw this idea on Pinterest a long time ago and since the husband loves sprinkles I figured he is the perfect candidate.

I grabbed the numbers 3 and 1 from my cookie cutter collection, placed them on top of the cake and sprinkled away. I lifted the cookie cutters and after a few adjustments with a toothpick, ta da!

He loved it...and I loved that he loved it.

He even had two slices the night of his birthday and two more slices the next couple of days until it was gone.

I love you Richard and Happy Birthday!

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