Sunday, May 19, 2013

Eggless = Not Easy

One of my customers needed an eggless cake and cupcakes for a family birthday party.

Eggs are a big part of my baking when I substitute other ingredients, although still very tasty, it is a challenge. I threw away the first cake because it just...well, it sucked.

The cake is Devils Food filled with fresh strawberries...and boy was it crumbly.
Trimming and placing the top layer was not an easy task.
Without the egg, which serves as part of the riser and most of the binder in the cake - the sheets were extremely fragile.

My favorite and most popular buttercream is Swiss Meringue Buttercream...but it is meringue based which does not fall under egg-free. So I used a classic Buttercream recipe that is powdered sugar and butter based. Although it is a bit more difficult to frost cakes with, it is very sweet and goes well with a fresh fruit filling.

I made a bowl of Dark Chocolate Ganache that I used as a drip around the edges of the cake, then whipped for the piping of the cake.

The cupcakes are Vanilla Cake with the same Fresh Strawberry filling and Vanilla Buttercream with a Ganache drizzle to kinda match the cake.

I welcome orders like this...ones that force me to try new things and explore new recipes.

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