Friday, August 27, 2010

Guitar Cake

When my brother asked me if I could make a guitar cake for our cousin's birthday today, I didn't hesitate because I knew Wilton made a guitar cake pan.

When he sent me this picture, that plan went out the door.

My cousin's guitar is WAY COOLER than Wilton's cake pan.

After requesting a full picture of the guitar, I knew that this cake would need to be covered in fondant.

Oh you stress me out.

I wanted to make this cake as realistic as possible, not toy looking.

So, I printed the picture in large scale (thank you, work printer) and used it to create a cardboard template of the cake.

After filling the base of the guitar with apple (YUM) I assembled the cake and slathered vanilla buttercream all over it and let it chill in the fridge while I made up all the small pieces with gray gumpaste painted with silver pearl dust.

I used vanilla flavored fondant to cover the cake in white, brown and black.

Following tips I read online on how to paint fondant to look like wood, I mixed some brown icing color and a little bit of vodka for a soupy water paint consistency then starting painting the white portion of the guitar and decided to give the brown neck some too!

Then I attached the silver accents, some with toothpicks and the others with just a little bit of water.

I attempted to add strings of floss...many times...but it just wasn't in the stars.
Hopefully, my cousin will forgive me.

Happy Birthday John!

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Cakes by R.C. said...

OMG, you fillings look so delicious, i love your blog everything looks so interesting, i gotta try the chocolate zucchini cupcakes.;-)