Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear Bakerella, I don't know how you do it! Part 1

Ever since I saw these, I wanted to try them.

Try I did.

These guys were not made from scratch.
I bought a pie crust mix and canned pie fillings.

(not sure why blogger takes it upon itself to rotate my pictures)

Pie Crust...hard stuff.
It's thick, it's fragile and really hard to roll thin and that is a very important part about pie pops.
(which I did not realize until later)

I bought cherry and apple pie filling.

I used a round cookie cutter for the apple to resemble an apple pie and a heart shaped cookie cutter for the cherry because I thought it would be fitting with the red filling and all.

It was difficult to get the pops to seal, probably because my pie crust was too thick.

I didn't know exactly how to bake them...on a cookie sheet with or without parchment paper?
I love parchment paper and so I decided it couldn't hurt.
Well, it did.

My first batch came out with slightly burned bottoms and burnt parchment paper.
Okay, no big family will still eat them.
Then I picked one up and the stick fell right after another.

Alrighty then.
Mini pies it is.

The cherry pies went much smoother without the sticks and no parchment paper.

In the end, these little pies were very yummy and still very cute.

I will try again someday.
Stay tuned.

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