Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pink & Grey Baby Shower

Everyone goes to a Baby Shower hoping for a good time...well, when you order sweets from me that's what you'll get!

These pretty cupcakes were made for a Pink & Grey themed Baby Shower.
The soon-to-be Auntie who ordered them for the shower had very specific design requests from the soon-to-be Mommy.

Half the cupcakes were Vanilla Cheesecake and the other half were Chocolate...both were filled with a Fresh Strawberry Filling and topped with a very generous amount of Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

There was a variety of toppers: Chocolate Butterflies, Crystal Sprinkles and Fondant Flowers.

It gets better...

There were also cake balls.

Red Velvet ones, mixed with a dollop of Cream Cheese frosting and then dipped in colored white chocolate and topped with Crystal Sprinkles and a simple Fondant Heart.

Mini cupcake holders and liners make the PERFECT packaging for cake balls.

Sometimes when I deliver these sweets....I want to stay for the party...this was one of those times.

At least I had a few extra cake balls for myself : )
You I could get a good picture...ya, that's it.

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