Friday, March 23, 2012

WARNING: This post contains cake nudity!

A friend of mine wanted a bOObie cake for her son's 21st birthday about a cool mom!

The cake needed to feed about 50 people so she wanted the cake to extend to the waistline.
We went over a few options as far as the attire or lack there of and settled on a red corset and lace covering the bOObie so that the nipples were visible but not totally in your face.


I could take pictures of chocolate chips all day.

I smeared the Ganache all over the Marble Cake.

I used leftover cake carvings to form the bOObies.

I covered the carved cake with lots of Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Then, my boyfriend who suddenly became Mr. bOOb Expert informs me my bOObies look fake.
Ummm, they are fake - but I understood what he meant.

So I gave my cake a bOOb job.

Much better.
I hate it when my boyfriend is right.

I used some fondant to make the nipples and put them right on top of the buttercream so that when I layed the fondant over it, it was a little more realistic.

I covered the whole cake in marshmallow fondant and painted the nipples - Hee Hee.

I used heart shaped cookie cutters to make the bows after I failed 3 times in a row to make actual bows.


Last, I used a store bought black frosting to pipe on all the lace. 

I must say, this is one of my favorite cakes.
Hope the Birthday Boy loves it....I mean, them ; )



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