Monday, June 6, 2011

There's Always Next Year...

I'm getting better and better at saying that as each season comes to an end for the Sharks without a Stanley Cup win.

My niece Hailey turned 8 last week and she wanted Sharks cupcakes to take to school.
When my brother asked if I could make them a few weeks ago, I asked if she will still want them if they don't win.

His response? Yes, she is a die hard fan.

Is there any other kind in my family? Nope.

The birthday girl wanted white chocolate cupcakes, just like I made last time.
I didn't have anymore of the jersey picks, so I had to think of something equally as cool for toppers - I didn't want to just make all fins.

So, I decided I'd make hockey pucks too - some with NHL written on them, some with SHARKS and some with the number 8.

She only wanted 30 for her class, but my batch produced some extras so for the sake of even packaging - I gave her 36 and spelled out her name on the six extra cupcakes.

All the toppers were made with vanilla fondant and the writing is done with white chocolate.

The cupcakes are white cake with white/teal swirled white chocolate buttercream and a some black sugar sprinkles.

All I know niece is super cool and now all her classmates know too.

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