Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whoopie Pie Wedding 05/15/2011

I've seen them before...
I've collected recipes for them...
I've wanted to make them...
and now I finally have!

My buddy Brittany got married on the 15th and she wanted Whoopie Pies on all the tables as centerpieces.

She requested two different flavors:
Vanilla/Orange Creamsicle with Cream Cheese Filling
Chocolate with Banana Buttercream Filling

She wanted all the pies drizzled with chocolate as well.
And...she wanted two special Bride & Groom whoopie pies for their table.

Brittany is one of those dream customers...who provides you with a Whoopie Pie recipe book and cookie cutters...and a Baby Gift :)

Whoopie pies are a yummy treat somewhere in between a cookie and a cake sandwich.
Not hard and chewy but also not too soft and crumbly...right in the middle.

The recipes are very similar to those of cakes, except with less wet ingredients which allow you to roll the batter into balls and bake them like cookies. At least that's how I did it, I am sure there are other recipes that call for different techniques.

Then I baked....and baked....and baked.
The order called for 175 whoopie pies and it took some time.

Once all the pies were baked and cooled, it was time to add the whoopie!

I layed the pies on trays, piped the fillings and sandwiched them together before placing them in their boxes.

Once all the whoopie had been added, it was time for chocolate.

I used white melting chocolate on all the pies but colored half of the batch yellow to match the banana filling in the Chocolate pies. I was able to drizzle all the pies while they were in the boxes, saving me time on having to move them and rebox them.

Then came the Bride & Groom whoopie pies.
These guys were much larger compared to the ones for the guest's tables.

The Bride got an ivory sweetheart strapless wedding gown with a double strand pearl necklace and a bird cage veil.

The Groom got an ivory shirt, tie and vest underneath a black tuxedo with a ivory cowboy hat.

Each table had two platters with 7 Whoopie Pies each, 12 tables total.

Each pie had a white lace doilie to protect the guests from any messiness in case the chocolate drizzles got too soft...plus it looked pretty :)

Congratulations Brittany & Greg....may your life be full of WHOOPIE! ; )

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