Friday, November 9, 2012

Boobie Cake...and then some!


My parent's neighbor asked if I could do a cake for their son's 30th Birthday.
My mother had apparently been bragging about my cake skills and showed them pictures of this bOObie cake I did a few months back....they loved it and wanted one too!

They wanted to go a little further with the risky cake creation, though...they wanted a lacey bra...and panties!
They also wanted a belly button ring...and the number 30 somehow incorporated into the cake.
They requested extra large bOObies and pink attire.

The cake was Chocolate with Fresh Strawberry Filling and lots of Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

I covered the whole cake with skin toned Marshmallow Fondant then added the pink "fabric" outline for the bra and panties which were not crotch-less...they had to draw the line somewhere!

Can't forget the nipples.
I like to brush them on with a little pink Gel Coloring then rub it off/in with a paper towel for a realistic effect.
Realistic enough?

I tinted some Buttercream pink and piped on the lace swirley thingies.

Then I used a plastic chopstick to make the belly button, it worked perfectly.
I used tiny silver coated dragees to make the belly button chain and added a fondant heart with 30 on it.

I must say...she's quite sexy.
I try to make these kind of cakes how I wish I looked.

Still waiting for someone to order a Fat Girl Cake...

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